Thursday, February 2, 2012

#6 : The South Indian Filter Coffee

No day in the in the South Indian household begins without brewing  filter coffee. While I prefer drinking Chai ( tea ) over coffee , I sometimes give in to its aroma . A perfectly made coffee reminds me of the taste of " coffee bite " -toffees from childhood . Wired of how we associate food to some happy days in our life . I am new to the art of making coffee. I picked up the traditional steel filter to brew coffee only a year back . I was just married then and my husband loved coffee :) I went through all possible resources on internet to learn to make it right. Now , I have developed my own way around it .

I have a medium-large filter , It can make 7-8 tumblers of strong coffee

  • 5 heaped Tbs of  coarsely ground coffee powder ( I use " Bru Ground and Roast " )
  • Water
  • Milk 
  • Sugar
  1. The traditional steel filter has 2 compartments , a long steel insert and a lid  . Remove the lid and the insert  . Add the coffee powder and replace the long insert back 
  2. Bring 2  cups of water to a rolling boil . Add the boiling water to the upper compartment until full . Put back the lid and set aside for 3-4 hours. The decoction will percolate to the lower compartment
  3. To make coffee : Heat milk in a sauce pan . Bring to boil . Turn down the stove heat and add decoction to your liking . ( I like mine strong ) 
  4. Add sugar ( I add 1/2 Tbs of sugar per tumbler of coffee )
  5. Pour the coffee into a steel tumbler . Enjoy !
  • Do not over heat the coffee after adding the decoction 
  • Using  organic milk enhances the taste
  • Pour the coffee into the tumbler from a height to create a foam

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